Daily Archives: October 18, 2016

Attendees: Darla Hamlin, Thaddeus Day, Leslie Taisey, Marilyn Matthews, Margie Hansel, Michael Babin, Alan and Karen Morrison, Katy Murphy Guest Speaker: Susan Inches, Senior Consultant, Tilson Energy and Broadband. Meeting was called to order by President, Darla Hamlin, at 7:10 AM Thaddeus Day introduced speaker Susan Inches of Tilson’s Energy and Broadband division.  Tilson’s office is on […]

Minutes June 9, 2016

OLD BUSINESS: Acceptance of Minutes June 9, 2016 Treasurer’s Report and Status of Bank Move Status of printed Business Directory Update Business Directory on Town Website Member attendance NEW BUSINESS: Recognition of NEW Members Welcome Committee Recognition of Member Accomplishments/Awards (Members in the News) Future Speakers | Topics? Member Services […]

Agenda – October 20, 2016