About Us

In 2008, North Yarmouth’s Board of Selectmen formed the Economic Development and Sustainability Committee (EDSC) for the purpose of making recommendations concerning the expansion and sustainability of the town’s commercial base.  At that time, the committee identified 195 small businesses in the community.

At the suggestion and with the assistance of the Town Administrator, Scott Tilton, two of the original committee members, Margie Hansel (Hansel’s Orchard) and Andy Walsh (Fat Andy’s, Inc.), working with Thaddeus Day (Law Offices of Thaddeus V. Day, PLLC), Janice Selig (Allen & Selig Realty) and Marilyn Matthews (Averill Insurance) founded the North Yarmouth Business Association (NYBA) in July, 2009. With the exception of Janice Selig, who moved out of state, these charter members are still active today.

The mission of the North Yarmouth Business Association is to support and promote businesses in the Town of North Yarmouth and help the community by providing easier access to business information. Through the collaborative efforts of its members, the NYBA will provide a greater sense of community.

Monthly business meetings are held on the third Thursday of every month. Annual meetings are in May.

If you are looking to learn more about the small businesses in North Yarmouth or are looking to drive your business forward, NYBA can help.  Contact one of our Officers today.