For North Yarmouth Business Association

Article I

Section 1. The name of this association shall be the North Yarmouth Business Association (“NYBA” or “Association”), a non-profit organization.

Article II

Section 1. The North Yarmouth Business Association’s mission is to support and promote the businesses in the Town of North Yarmouth and help the community by providing easier access to business information. Through the collaborative efforts of its members, the NYBA will provide a greater sense of community.

Article III

Section 1. Membership to the North Yarmouth Business Association is open to anyone who operates a business in the Town of North Yarmouth, and, to anyone who resides in the Town of North Yarmouth and owns a business physically located outside the Town. All members must pay annual dues, submit an application for membership, and agree to adhere to strong ethical business practices.
Section 2. The dues of the Association shall be determined by the current members. Dues shall be due annually for the current year on a yearly basis for the period June 1 through May 31 and are non refundable.
Section 3. Each membership shall carry voting rights for one individual in all affairs of the Association. In the instance of other than an individual person, for an example a corporation, cooperative, partnership, etc., the individual who will vote the membership shall be designated in writing by the entity submitting payment of the dues.
Section 4. Each member shall have the right to vote at any meeting of Members provided that the Members dues are paid at or before the previous meeting or at least 25 days prior to the vote.
Section 5. For the purpose of voting, a quorum of the members of the Associations shall consist of seven (7) members. The majority vote of these members present and voting at a meeting shall constitute a vote of the members of the Association.
Section 6. Any member may be required to relinquish its membership if so deemed necessary by the nomination of the Executive Committee and a majority vote of the quorum at the regular meeting after the meeting of announcement.
Section 7. Members will not be individually liable for the actions of NYBA. Members are not liable to the organization beyond what the member has paid in Dues.

Article IV

Section 1. The Officers of the North Yarmouth Business Association shall consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. They shall normally be elected at the Annual Meeting from among the members, but may be elected at any meeting at which a quorum is present.
Section 2. Each officer shall serve a term of one (1) year, and shall hold office until the next annual meeting of the Members. Any person elected or appointed during the year to a vacant Officer position shall serve until the next annual meeting. No officers shall serve more than three (3) consecutive terms in the same office. Partial years shall not count as one of the consecutive years.
Section 3. Vacancies among the officers, however arising, shall be filled by a majority vote of Members present at any regular or special meeting of the Members at which a quorum is present. A notice of such election shall be sent to all members (notice by email is permitted) at least seven (7) days prior to the election.
Section 4. Any Officer may be removed, with or without cause, at any time at any meeting at which a quorum of Members is present. A notice (notice by email is permitted) of such vote shall be sent to all members at least seven (7) days prior to the vote.

Article V
Duties of Officers

Section 1. All officers shall perform the customary duties of their respective offices, and such further duties as are herein specified or shall from time to time be imposed upon them.
Section 2. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Members and represent the organization as needed.
Section 3. The Vice President shall work closely with the President and shall assume the duties of the President in his or her absence.
Section 4. The Secretary shall maintain the records of the North Yarmouth Business Association and shall record the attendance and the minutes of the meetings. He or she shall record the attendance and the minutes for the annual meeting and shall distribute such minutes to the Members in a timely fashion. He or she shall see that all notices are duly given in accordance with these bylaws.
Section 5. The Treasurer shall keep all monies of The Association and disburse the same only upon prior approval of The Executive Committee. The Treasurer shall keep all financial records of the North Yarmouth Business Association and report such funds at each regular meeting of the members.

Article VI

Section 1. All current Officers of the Association shall make up the Executive Committee which may act on behalf of the Association between meetings, provided that the Executive Committee may not, without Membership vote, expend funds in excess of $200.00 that has not been previously approved by The Membership.
Section 2. The members may by resolution at any meeting designate standing, ad hoc, and /or special committees of the Members. The Membership may appoint an Advisory Council and/or honorary group. The terms of appointment and expectations of service of any advisory or honorary group shall be determined by the Members.

Article VII

Section 1. The Annual meeting shall be held annually for the transaction of such business as may come before the meeting and to elect new officers. The exact date and time is to be determined by the Executive Committee more than 30 days in advance.
Section 2. Special meetings may be called at any time by the Executive Committee.
Section 3. Each member of the Association shall be notified (email is permissible) of all special and annual meetings stating the date, time and location of the meeting at least seven (7) days prior to the meeting.

Article VIII

Section 1. Should the NYBA cease to exist or dissolve, any remaining assets of NYBA after debts are paid will be transferred equally to the North Yarmouth Historical Society and Sky Line Farm, non-profit organizations.

Article IX

Section 1. These bylaws may be altered or amended by the members at any regular, special or annual meeting by a two third majority at which a quorum is present and voting.
Section 2. All proposed amendments must be made in writing and included in the notice of the meeting, if a special meeting. Any amendments proposed for a regular meeting shall be presented to the members in writing (email permitted) at least thirty (30) days prior to the meeting with a 2nd reminder notice to be sent out seven to ten (7-10) days prior to the meeting.

Revised 1/24/2012