Minutes February 16, 2017

MarilynAttendees: Darla Hamlin, Thaddeus Day, Holly Day, Rob Taisey, Margie Hansel, Link Merrill, Chris Toriello, Diana Logan, Marilyn Matthews, Representative Paul Chace.

Guest Speaker: Paul Chace, State Legislature.


Meeting called to order by President, Darla Hamlin, 5:39 pm at Toddy Brook Cafe.

Treasurer Report: Account balance of $2,453.73   Leslie also provided a copy of 2016 Tradeshow P & L.

1/19/2017 meeting minutes motioned, seconded and accepted.

President Darla Hamlin advised she is ready to launch the printed NYBA directory for inclusion in the Town Welcome Kits, and for others.  Members will be given the opportunity to review their business categories before the directory is released.   These copies will also be available at the NYBA trade show and given to the Town for inclusion in the Welcome Packages for new town residents. In addition, any member who wants to include a promotional item like pens, key rings, magnets, etc. should drop them off at the Town Office.

Leslie will be retiring as Treasurer effective June 1, we are looking for another member to step into that position for the coming year.

The NYBA Trade Show will indeed be held in tandem with the North Yarmouth Fire Company benefit dinner.  It is hoped that this co-hosted even will attract more of the public to both events.  Each of the exhibitors will be asked to provide a “dessert” at their booth so after people attend the dinner, they will come through for desserts and visit booths.  Dinner is from 4:30 – 7:30 and Trade Show 5:00 – 8:00 pm.   Booth rental fee will be $50 members, $75 non members, and sponsor fee $250.  Deadline to sponsor signup is March 10th.  Space is limited so members are encouraged to sign  up early. Another trade show committee meeting will be held after 2/25/17.

Karen Morrison was not present to update on the member survey.

Thaddeus Day introduced Paul Chace, serving his second term in the Maine Legislature, now in it’s 128th session.  Paul saw very strong support from North Yarmouth in the last election.   A pharmacist by trade, no longer associated with Rite Aid full time, now serving as a consultant.  He has been involved in a number of bills now up for consideration.  They include the County  Rec. Committee, who have been able to develop expenses for example for the Civic Center,  without authorization — now all such recommendations have to go to the County for approval.   He reviewed the annuity bill regarding a 2% tax penalty on any withdrawals.   He is involved in two pharmacy bills, which seek to make pharmacists health care providers for the care they provide on things like smoking cessasion, administering flu shots, etc.     He cites a strong need at present for skilled medical workers, CNA’s LPN’s, RN’s.    He also cites the 3% tax on earners over $200,000 detracts from talent settling in Maine.  He supports a reduction in overall rates, then apply 3% to ALL taxpayers.  Linc Merrill questioned the difference between 401K plans that are protected, yet other IRA accounts can be attached over $15,000 in a lawsuit.  IRAs should have the same protections.  Chris Toriello raised points about ways to incentivize military retirees to come to Maine and bring that large talent pool here.  Paul said the strongest issues facing legislators now is the marijuana bill, and the income tax bill.  ALso, to qualify for benefits, there should be a mandate of people returning to work.   For every 400 people that find jobs, approx. $12 million is saved in welfare benefits on various levels.

New Business:

Margie Hansel reviewed the MAP benefits that we would see from including location maps on website, and also having a larger map showing where all businesses in town are located.  Marilyn Matthews advised Darla and she visited the Purple House, new business in town and took promo photos with owner Krista Kern. 

Tentative date for annual meeting and election of officers is 5/18/17.

We welcomed new member Chris Toriello, Fit 3 for ME, a division of her Reliv business, focusing on wellness and weight loss.

Member Notables:

  • Hansel’s Orchards continues through January and February with the tree pruning operations.
  • Diana Logan’s puppy daycare facility is operating at full capacity !!  Available Monday through Wednesday for dogs up to 25 lbs.
  • Rob Taisey mentioned the PUC still working on decision about net-metering, if you’re considering solar panels do it as soon as possible. If net-metering changes, existing systems may be grandfathered.

Next Meeting: 3/16/2017 5:30 pm, Toddy Brook; Combined Dinner / Business Meeting.  

Respectfully submitted

Marilyn Matthews, Secretary