Minutes June 9, 2016

Attendees: Darla Hamlin, Thaddeus Day, Leslie Taisey, Marilyn Matthews, Margie Hansel, Michael Babin, Alan and Karen Morrison, Katy Murphy

Guest Speaker: Susan Inches, Senior Consultant, Tilson Energy and Broadband.

Meeting was called to order by President, Darla Hamlin, at 7:10 AM

Thaddeus Day introduced speaker Susan Inches of Tilson’s Energy and Broadband division.  Tilson’s office is on Commercial Street Portland, and is similar to a law practice in that they have various divisions ie: Government, construction, municipal / community broadband, internet upgrading.  They currently do business with more than 25 New England towns, Susan in particular is managing projects with the Norwegian government.  Tilson serves as technology consultants on how to obtain, implement, and finance internet upgrades to highly efficient fiber optic services.  These plans can be expensive, so communities have to be onboard with putting the service in place so people and businesses can access it.  Maine has a fiber Highway, open access network in strategic areas, but it is not readily available in rural areas.  It was put in place largely to serve hospitals that require imaging capability. Towns sometimes invest in this to attract business development.  Its a strong economic development tool, and Susan cited the Town of Ellsworth as investing in this technology to bring tenants for large vacant real estate parcels they have, and bring jobs to the area.  A provider company, OTT, is based in Pineland, Darla mentioned it might be great to co host an information session with them, Tilson, and NYBA so people can learn more.  The service these upgraded systems can provide is a much higher level than Time Warner or Fairpoint.

Acceptance of 4/10/2016 minutes.

Treasurer Report:  Account balance of $2,960.89

Old Business:     Leslie, Darla, and Thad will complete new sign cards at new bank.

Renewals of memberships good, all but three received.

Website: Darla needs two remaining members to identify their listings.

Thad will get the final approved revisions of ByLaws circulated with clarification of “associate” membership.

New Business:      

Motion made for summer months to hold one combined social / business meeting in evening beginning July 21st.

Darla would like suggestions for links to other resource sites from our website.   The 2016 – 2017 logos for display are available.

Meeting adjourned 8:15 am.

Next Meetings: Social Hour, 6/23, 5:30 pm, Toddy Brook;  Combined Business / Social Meeting, 7/21, 5:30 PM, Toddy Brook.

Respectfully submitted by: Marilyn Matthews