Minutes March 16, 2017

MarilynAttendees: Darla Hamlin, Thaddeus Day, Leslie Taisey, Margie Hansel, Chris Toriello, Marilyn Matthews, Michael Babin, Cindy Decker, Ande Smith

Guest Speaker: Ande Smith, Deer Brook Consulting


Meeting called to order by President, Darla Hamlin, 5:40 pm at Toddy Brook Cafe.

Treasurer Report: Account balance of $1869.15, reflecting expenditures for upcoming Tradeshow posters and postcard mailers.

Draft of 2/16/17 meeting minutes motioned, seconded and accepted.

Thaddeus Day introduced Ande Smith as our guest speaker on Cyber Security.  His business is Deer Brook Consulting located at Deer Brook Farm Rd in North Yarmouth, physical offices now at Pineland.  Following an extensive naval career, and Law School ( he is a patent attorney  as well ) he mastered in Cyber Security at UConn.  Ande is a No. Yarmouth resident since 1998.    With five employees, his clients range from small businesses to multi million dollar corporations.  He also offers a service line for small businesses, as a resource.  He will be speaking on 3/29/17 at Husson’s Westbrook campus to the Institute for Family Owned Businesses.    Ande outlined that most business feel hacking can’t be prevented.  However, he noted that hackers are  lazy, they look for weak links, and only target systems that don’t have good security, they are not necessarily “selecting” any business to hack.  Recommendations are based on the fact that simple steps can give them enough grief that they will move on rather than work to access your system.    1. Don’t open links you don’t recognize.  2. Training of staff.   3.  HOVER over the sender name to be sure it’s legit.  4. DON’T send unencrypted info like financial info.   He also talked about BotNets, that steal your identity in order to hack others.  One of the best defenses for hacking is to keep your computers updated when the update offers come in.  The usually address vulnerabilities.  Programs like Java and Adobe should be kept updated, as well as windows.  You should uninstall any programs /apps you don’t use.   Don’t save passwords!  Office 365 is a good version, and Ande recommends using gmail instead of roadrunner or other email hosts.  Install a GOOD antivirus, like bit defender. 

Nominating Committee still searching for Treasurer position eff. June 1, looking for another member to step into that position for the coming year.

Trade Show now number 16, more follow ups to be sent out 3/17/17.   Reminder each exhibitor should provide a “dessert” at their table so after people attend the dinner, they will come through for desserts and visit booths. 

New Business:

Chris Toriello, Marilyn Matthews, Cindy Decker, and Darla will post posters at various locations for the Trade Show, Lawn Signs to be put out just prior to show. 

Annual meeting will be at Toddy Brook 5/18/17 at 5:30 for dinner, election of officers and regular business meeting.  NYBA will provide heavy Hors Deourves and if attendees want to order a meal they can do that individually. 

Member Notables:

  • Hansel’s Orchards tree pruning operations almost done, about fifty more trees to go.
  • Thaddeus Day made a presentation at the American Legion Post 164 regarding Intestate Succession on 3/7/17.
  • Chris Toriello reported Fit 3 For ME will be incorporated into the Town of Cumberland’s Wellness program.
  • SoftTrac LLC has been approached by a second software provider to represent their product.
  • Averill Insurance now has “Averill Life & Health” a division offering Life, Group Health, Disability, and Long Term Care coverages.

Next Meeting: 4/20/2017 5:30 pm, Toddy Brook; Combined Dinner / Business Meeting.  

Respectfully submitted

Marilyn Matthews, Secretary