Minutes November 17, 2016

Attendees: Darla Hamlin, Thaddeus Day, Holly Day, Leslie Taisey, Marilyn Matthews, Michael Babin, Alan and Karen Morrison, Margie Hansel

Guest Speaker: Rosemary Roy, Manager, Town of North Yarmouth

Meeting was called to order by President, Darla Hamlin, followed by introductions around the group.

Acceptance of 10/20/2016 minutes motioned and approved.

Treasurer Report: Account balance of $2,613.31 ( no change from prior meeting)

Old Business:

Darla Hamlin reported that the printed directory of members is still a work in progress.

Holly Day’s name was given to the town’s Communications Committee to be on the town’s Welcome Committee efforts.

Shredding event in Spring 2017 to be researched by Leslie Taisey, date and location to be determined.

Alan Morrison will get pricing for NYBA member stickers.

New Business:

Leslie announced that she is reviewing the possibility of moving our accounting to Quick Books Online. This will provide the opportunity for greater access to our financial records.

Darla proposed a holiday initiative of eight to ten Christmas Stockings to be filled with necessities and given to shut-in town residents, which was approved. Marilyn Matthews agreed to assist with the shopping. Read more…  

We also will make NYBA stationery with logo, for general notes but also to communicate with others in the community for things like sympathy and illness.

Karen Morrison has agreed to work on a member survey initiative.  

Thaddeus will ask Brian Sites to give an update on the Wescustogo Building & Design Committee at our December 15th meeting. He will also contact Ande Smith about making a presentation on Cyber Security and Paul Chace to speak to our group again on about what’s happening at the State House in Augusta.

Karen Morrison will develop questions for the NYBA survey to be sent to businesses in town. Purpose of survey is to get additional insight into how NYBA can better serve their members and increase membership.  

Thaddeus expressed concern regarding our mailing address. Not having a permanent address for our association leads to confusion.  Darla recommended and agreed to ask the Town if we can use their address as our permanent one for future correspondence.  

Notables …  Morrison Environmental Engineering has been working closely with one of their customers, resulting in their winning an environmental award.   Averill Insurance Agency will now offer full life, health, group benefits, and related financial services. Soft Trac LLC named by Abila as their Business Partner of the month for the second time this year.

Speaker Rosemary Roy relayed the following updates of initiatives at the Town Office  

  • Contracting with CAI Technologies, Bangor, to implement a GIS system
  • Garbage to Garden Kiosk for composting materials, behind the fire station
  • Select Board approved the hire of a economic development planner familiar with TIFs, etc. Rosemary reported that they may want to interview several local businesses
  • In 2018, businesses will no longer be assessed a personal property tax
  • Town hired a Sewall Company to negotiate agreement with Time Warner Cable. The hope is to establish our own town channel.  This move is exited to improve service and speed.
  • Town also has facebook, twitter and live stream abilities. 
  • Aging in Place Committee is up and running.
  • Of particular importance, Architects hired to do proposals for rebuild of Westcustogo Hall, plans being proposed for two locations, original and NYMS sites.  Presentations will be made Dec 20th, with a second meeting January 3rd to elect which site to go  with.
  • The homestead tax exemption has been increased to $20,000
  • Town has hired Donna Palmer to build their website business directory. NYBA Members are encouraged to participate. 
  • Town looking for several volunteers to serve on various committees.

Meeting adjourned 7:00 pm

Next Meeting: 12/15/16 5:30 pm, Toddy Brook; Combined Dinner / Business Meeting,