Minutes October 19, 2017

Attendees: Kelly Scott Karen Morrison Rob Taisey Scott Kerr Cindy Decker Michael Babin Jim Howe Darla Hamlin Holly & Thad Day

Old Business:

Acceptance of minutes: Thad motioned to accept the minutes of July 20, August 17, and September 21. Karen second the motion. Minutes were accepted.

Treasurer’s Report: $2,735.30

Update Fun Day Booth: one new member joined and one more interested Update website issues: contact feature needs fixing

Ongoing discussion future topics/guest speakers: Andy Smith,CPA to potentially talk about business audits and taxes. Karen suggested bringing in a speaker to share about retirement options (transition plans) for a company. She also asked for a speaker to come and talk about investments. Southern Maine Agency for Aging was suggested by Rob. Company that helps small business get into a cooperative.

New Business:

Spring trade show subcommittee Upcoming topic for November 16th Subcommittee needed to simplify membership application form

December 21st workshop: day working for a charitable cause. Last year was stockings for seniors. Contact the church or town hall to see if they know of families in need. A local community member was recently widowed. The Taisey’s will look into possible support for her.

Recognition of member accomplishments/awards:

Thad got his haircut at Shear Joy, got his Air Force physical fitness test & passed, successes at court.

Karen’s Business is going great. Her husband is going to EMT school.

Kelly has happy customers and supportive business partners.

Rob great year and ahead of last year.

Scott “more than gainfully employed”.

Cindy reported that Shear Joy is looking for a hair stylist.

Jim’s business has increased, Booked past February.

Mike is busy and lots of work coming in.

Soft Trac sold a system to a charter school in RI.

Wescustogo Building & Design committee recognized by Cumberland County Board of Directors.

Thanks to Toddy Brook Cafe for providing a venue for our October meeting

Membership application review: debate around the business reference portion of the application.

North Yarmouth Business Association 2017 Survey: creating and sending a survey for members and non-members.

Agenda Items for next meeting: December 21st workshop Schedule of upcoming presenters Membership application & survey update

Adjourn: 7:29 pm



Respectfully submitted 

Kelly Tittle