Minutes October 20, 2016

Attendees: Darla Hamlin, Thaddeus Day, Holly Day Leslie and Rob Taisey, Marilyn Matthews, Liz Langham, Michael Babin, Alan and Karen Morrison, Linc Merrill, Jess Robinson, Scott Kerr

Guest Speaker: Ashley Caswell, Community Development, SAD 51,  with Karen Campbell, PAC committee

Meeting was called to order by President, Darla Hamlin, at 7:05 PM

Acceptance of 6/9/2016 minutes.

Treasurer Report: Account balance of $2,613.31

Old Business: 

Darla Hamlin completing printed directory of members, services.  Membership stickers are ready for 2016 – 17.

Leslie believes only one membership renewal is presently outstanding.  We have three new members, James Howe, Sarah Walsh, and Jess Robinson.  Darla to update website directory.

NYBA will do to one evening meeting per month, third Thursday 5:30 pm.  To maximize presentation time and minimize distractions, pre-ordering dinners would be wise, as we arrive, Thad will talk with Chris Benn at Toddy regarding this.

Discussion furthered on being a part of a welcome committee with Town for new residents.

New Business:

Recognition of three new members to NYBA

Thaddeus will work on prescheduling speakers up to six months in advance so we can publish topics for greater attendance.  Darla will also produce a website survey for members to better determine what they would like to get from NYBA.  One suggestion was joint purchasing of services, such as shredding of documents.

Notables … Liz Langham was featured in DownEast Magazine article regarding working with dogs who are brought in from overseas through Animal REfuge League.   Rob and Leslie Taisey are spending a good deal of time in Augusta again due to more upcoming legislation regarding solar energy.  Darla Hamlin’s firm Soft Trac LLC was chosen for the second time as Abilla’s Business Partner of the Month !

Our presenter Ashley Caswell fills a new outreach position with the school department, facilitating outreach, development, fundraising, media, events and celebrations, and volunteer coordination with students.  These events benefit food pantry through efforts like Volleyball Volunteers, Spirit Challenge, BIG & littles mentoring, and working in association with Lion’s Club in volunteer capacities.  They also bring in notable speakers for students like the Crossing the Line program, for awareness building. They promote internships, job shadowing, and business involvement programs.  Ashley and Karen Campbell presented argument for the proposed PAC, and the upcoming vote for approval.  They feel it is a needed facility and has been part of the strategic plan for years.  It will become a community center and be available to all ages for many events.  Capacity 500 – 700 seats, solar energy and energy efficient construction.   Fundraising to commence after voter approval.

Meeting adjourned 7:00 pm

Next Meeting: 11/17/16 5:30 pm, Toddy Brook; Combined Dinner / Business Meeting,

Respectfully submitted by: Marilyn Matthews