Annual Meeting 5/19/16, Toddy Brook Golf Club

Attendees: Darla Hamlin, Thaddeus Day, Leslie and Rob Taisey, Anne Marie McKenzie, Margie Hansel, Cindy Decker, Diana Logan and guest, Alan and Karen Morrison, Michael Babin, Marilyn Matthews, Guest Alex Carr, Chair NY Board of Selectmen, Guest Rosemary Roy, Manager, Town of North Yarmouth.

Meeting called to order by President, Darla Hamlin, at 6:00 PM

President Darla Hamlin welcomed members and guests, and introduced officers.  A casual dinner of appetizers, grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, salads was enjoyed.  After dinner the business portion of the meeting commenced at 6:30 PM.  Darla reported accomplishments during her term 3/1/15 to 5/1/16 ….

  • Rebranding. Created a NEW logo that is now easily distinguished from the Town Seal
  • Increased membership by four.
  • Updated the NYBA website
  • Completed searchable member directory on website.
  • Created a pro rated dues schedule for new membership throughout the year
  • NYBA & members sponsored “Start Here” signs for Town
  • NYBA Co-hosted three CPR / AED training classes with Fire Company, at a 50% discount for members.
  • Held regular business meetings with a wide variety of speakers from State and Town Government representatives, as well as local committee chairs.
  • Held first annual dinner meeting of members.

Darla’s goals for the 2016 – 2017 term …..

  • Continue to increase brand awareness of the Association and It’s Members
  •  Expand training opportunities
  • Improve attendance and participation at the 2017 Community Business Trade Show
  • Further enhance the website to include Business Resources
  • Continue to provide interesting and informative speakers
  • GROW membership by 5% by the end of year May 2017.

At 6:35 Thaddeus Day, NYBA clerk, presented the review and suggested revisions to NYBA ByLaws …

Eligibility … to now include those “employed” by a North Yarmouth Business.

Create an “Associate Membership” for businesses outside North Yarmouth but that would be of benefit to the group.

Clarification of the mechanism for voting in replacement officers.

Clarification of “legacy” funds distribution to a Town Non Profit in the event of dissolution …. North Yarmouth Memorial Park, Est. 1949.

Discussion, and motion to accept the revisions as outlined, seconded, voted and approved.

Cindy Decker read the nominated slate of incoming officers:  Darla Hamlin, President; Karen Morrison, Vice President; Leslie Taisey, Treasurer; and Marilyn Matthews, Secretary. Floor closed to nominations.  Motion to accept slate of officers, seconded, voted and approved.

Town Manager Rosemary Roy thanked those  businesses that participated in  the CGI Video Project promoting North Yarmouth.

In closing remarks Darla Hamlin proposed to achieve a 97% retention rate over the coming year, and urged members to send suggestions for valuable topics and speakers to Thaddeus Day.

Evening Meetings to continue on regular schedule throughout summer.

Motion to adjourn approved 7:10 PM.

Respectfully submitted: Marilyn Matthews, Secretary