Minutes April 9, 2015

>North Yarmouth Business AssociationToddy Brook Golf Club Meeting Room

Minutes April 9, 2015

Attendance Marilyn Matthews, Rob Taisey, Leslie Taisey, Darla Hamlin, Michael Babin, Steve Gorden, Margie Hansel (stopped by) Paul Chace
Introductions of all present
Discussion President Darla Hamlin introduced guest Paul Chace, State Representative District 46, who serves on the taxation committee.  Pauls career is in pharmacy and consulting.  He supports the Governor’s plan as a way to put revenue back to individuals and businesses, encouraging them to remain in this State. The current program isn’t friendly to business.  The opposing view would raise taxes and put that revenue toward Human Resources budget, but Governors proposal is revenue positive, fair to all, and has worked in other states.  The intent is to increase revenues through sales and service tax increases, so visitors to Maine provide more tax income through meals, lodging, etc.   Business to business services may remain exempt, but taxing service providers to the public, non profits, and property tax on some town owned fixtures would allow overall tax levels for many to be lowered.  The “local” town business property tax remains a sore subject with many businessowners.

Prior meeting minutes accepted.

We are once again meeting second Thurs of each month at 7:30 AM, and social third Thursday each month, 5:30 PM. This month’s featured business drawing to be held at the social.

Darla, Leslie and Marilyn completed a review of all listed businesses in the Town, to update our member records and establish a contact list for possible new members.

Next business meeting May 14, 2015, Brian Sites will be our guest speaker.


Reports: Treasurer Leslie Taisey noted our acct balance $1271.13

Respectfully Submitted: Marilyn Matthews, Secretary