Minutes August 17, 2017

Attendees: Darla Hamlin, Marilyn Matthews, Chris Toriello, Kelly Tittle Scott, Scott Kerr, Leslie Taisey, Margie Hansel, Liz Langham, Lisa Stoddard Pelletier, Guest Nelson Smith and Guest Speaker Patrick Gilligan.

At 7:30 am Darla Hamlin welcomed the group to our meeting, followed by round the table introductions. 

Darla introduced Patrick Gilligan from the Economic Development & Sustainability Committee in North Yarmouth.  Patrick is a local resident, worked for Plainview Farm last year, was in corporate sales for many years.  He is obtaining his masters in Horticulture, and will open Gilligan’s Gardens which will grow produce for restaurants and local sales.   He is looking forward to becoming an NYBA member.


Patrick advised he joined the EDSC when he moved here, and has found some of the challenges of the committee overwhelming, like the school project.  With regard to town center development, he feels the town is divisive right now, there is poor communication among groups.  THe last town meeting had over 200 attendees for voting , yet that still represents only a small portion of the population, who should be voicing their opinions on town matters.  What does the town want in a center of development?  Slower traffic?, parking?, stores or establishments that draw people to this as a destination?  Too much preservation will raise taxes with growth, and with 15 permits per year, growth is inevitable and needs to be managed.    He feels the various committees have to work together and communicate, to develop remapped zones that allow for sensible growth.  There needs to be a meeting of minds, a concensus, that would allow the town to move forward in talking with developers and businesses that might come here to build a business district, senior housing, neighborhoods, etc.  Getting the word out is the order of the day when it comes to bringing enough people together to move things along.  Right now voting is emotional and keeps the town at a standstill.    Already two studies have been completed that essentially came up with the same information.  He feels a liason should attend ALL board meetings to transfer information to others.  Most outside developers know No Yarmouth isn’t friendly to them, a small count of residents tend to prevent the town from doing what it seems to want, due to others not showing up to vote.  Comments were made by attendees that they’d like to see bike paths, sidewalks, rec. center, trails, … all to unify the town.    Patrick stated town should sell either the town office, or the school, and develop the other to gain more tax base.  The EDSC is really hungry for feedback.


The minutes acceptance for July 20th are postponed to the next meeting on 9/21/17 at Toddy Brook, 5:30 pm.  Speaker will be Coastal Enterprises, who manage small business loans.  REmember to register prior to meeting.

Treasurer report shows $2675.38 in our account, with $408 in dues outstanding.

Feedback on the survey in progress was that they should be more dropdown features to answer questions.  We also are looking for speaker suggestions based on what members want to learn or hear about.  One suggestion was marketing, social media, and how small business can use those to grow, but driving interest to your website.

We are still seeking a treasurer for the group, and volunteers for a trade show subcommittee.  Kelly Tittle Scott mentioned we may have a contact problem going on with our own website.

We will need volunteers to man the table at Funday.

Notable Accomplishments:

  • Hansels Orchard will be open on 9/9/17 !!!  Including Farm Stand … crop is looking good. 
  • Soft Trac LLC is hosting a conference for Non Profits in Freeport in September.
  • Chris Toriello just launched a new fit 3 Challenge. 
  • Assured Solar suffered another defeat at the State level, will be VERY busy now through year end, then things may fall off a bit due to uncertainty about solar energy reimbursement.
  • Kelly Tittle will also be hosting a conference for Rhodan and Fields Maine Team, offering skin care products.
  • Business at Stone’s is exploding !!!  and their remodel is looking great.

Remember to sign up with Marilyn if you wish to display the NYBA Banner at any event or your office !

Respectfully submitted 

Marilyn Matthews, Secretary