Minutes February 19,2015

>North Yarmouth Business AssociationToddy Brook Golf Club Meeting Room

Minutes February 19, 2015

Attendance Marilyn Matthews, Michael Babin, Rob Taisey, Leslie Taisey, Thaddeus and Holly Day, Darla Hamlin, Kevin Robinson
Discussion Thad Day presented an article from a local newspaper featuring the Cumberland Business Association.  It was similar to our earlier efforts in The Notes featuring member businesses.

Marilyn, Thad, Rob, Leslie, Darla and Michael introduced their businesses and outlined services provided.

Stump and Grind is looking for qualified drivers and equipment operators.  Contact Leslie Taisey with any leads.

Kevin Robinson was our guest and introduced his business Maine Crane Parts LLC, located in No Yarmouth.  Formerly with Cody Crane for  many years, Kevin provides Crane parts, and remote service for cranes, tractors, bulldozers, and other heavy equipment.   Kevin has a client list of approx. 350 businesses to which he provides retail parts, mechanic service, crane sales, and can refer customers who need access to temporary heavy equipment rental.   His referral base is strong and he brings a wealth of experience to this line of work.

Rob and Leslie Taisey advised they have won the bid for two major solar projects in Freeport, one for a private company and one for the Town itself!  These projects obtained the 25% “green” discount offered to small businesses.

Enthusiastically, we welcomed Darla Hamlin’s offer to assume the Presidents role in NYBA, Thad Day motioned the vote, Marilyn Matthews seconded, and unanimously approved!


Reports Treasurer reports $1270.21.

Respectfully Submitted: Marilyn Matthews, Secretary