Minutes March 12, 2015

>North Yarmouth Business AssociationToddy Brook Golf Club Meeting Room

Minutes March 12, 2015

Attendance Marilyn Matthews, Rob Taisey, Leslie Taisey, Thaddeus Day via speakerphone, Darla Hamlin, Kevin Robinson, Alan & Karen Morrison
 Introductions of all present
Discussion Our Speaker was Cumberland County District 3 Commissioner Stephen Gorden.  Steve’s past expertise was in the water industry, he was President of American Waterworks, and also served as Trustee for Yarmouth Water District.  He outlined the various departments that fall under Cumberland County ie: jails, family court, deeds registry, sheriff dept., district attorney’s office, probate register, emergency management of fire, police and EMT services.  Presently the county employs about 430 people.  They also are involved in distribution of various grants to communities within the County, and are involved in planning violence intervention programs.  The County enjoys an excellent bond rating.  Steve also mentioned that every government entity has a purchasing group and NYBA members may benefit from getting on a vendor list.New President of NYBA Darla Hamlin outlined her goals for the coming year.   Ideas for achieving goals included:

* more member promotional opportunities & visibility   * increasing membership  * more participation through events and speakers of interest  *  having FUN with meetings  * developing a point system for picking a featured business of the month and drafting a set of rules for that selection process *  updating and improving our website  *  increasing visibility.

A motion was made to return to our two meeting per month schedule, business meeting second Thurs of each month at 7:30 AM, and social meeting third Thursday each month,  5:30 PM, seconded and approved by  majority.

A suggestion was made that we attempt to find a speaker who can address the resurrected “Town Business Property Tax” issue.  This seems to be a very sensitive subject for many.

Morrisson Environmental Engineering won the first drawing and will be the first to have their business highlighted on the home page of the NYBA website.


 Reports: Treasurer Leslie Taisey noted our acct balance $1257.13

Respectfully Submitted: Marilyn Matthews, Secretary